SECRET #13 Life isn’t fair? Fantastic!

by Josiah Smollet on June 29, 2011

As Heraclitus said,“It would not be better if things happened to men just as they wish.” Just think, if we magically got whatever we wanted, we’d all be Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts. Imagine a world of 6 billion Brads and Julias driving their 6 billion Mercedes around from one gorgeous palatial mansion to another. The entire planet looking like Beverly Hills meets Fifth Avenue, and not a spot of filth to mar the perfection. Not only that, but the tastiest food is zero calorie, zero carb; your IQ is over 200; your NASDAQ stocks are way, way up. And best of all, every one of the other Brads and Julias really, really loves you and it’s just the biggest love fest ever!

If that happened, it would be the end of human struggle. Which would also be the end of progress and new ideas. This process has led us from the cold and darkness of caves to knowing how to make fire to knowing how to illuminate an entire football stadium for night games. Every time in the last 100,000 years that things “went bad,” somebody tripped in the dark and decided to make things better. The SuperOptimist knows that when things aren’t perfect, it’s a sure sign we’ll see progress. Every problem is the start of it’s own solution!

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